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Cook your own food restaurant nyc. Rice cooker sale. Can you freeze cooked pizza.

Cook Your Own Food Restaurant Nyc

cook your own food restaurant nyc

Masala mac and cheese

Masala mac and cheese

I like tasting new kinds of cuisine all the time. So i thought why shouldn't i start a small reviews sort thing of restaurants.most have yummy and yucky stuff so i thought lets start now. I myself am a good cook, so i am pretty lenient on criticizing. The system is based on 5 stars

1 star = I wish the owner and the cook and everybody who works there just die.

2 stars= they have no clue why they got into restaurant business

3 stars= the food item is okay, its luck of the draw. may be u caught them on a bad day.

4 stars= okay i have 4.5 and 4. 75 and 4= means its good worth the travel and the time. 4.5 = hey u can comeback without feeling bad and may be its something u might crave on and off. 4.75= ppl u got to bring your friends and family and everybody u know so that they wont miss out, as long as they are in the vicinity. 4. 75 also means it can be replicated in the kitchen in your own house if you try hard enough.

5 stars= okay If something gets a five stars its like a pilgrimage, its only available there and its worth to travel miles and miles. its one of a kind and its near to impossible to replicate. Its something you have to eat before you die.

So with that in mind lets get started on the first restaurant review.

S'MAC on 12th street between 1st and 2nd avenue NYC

first item i ordered

The sampler which has 8 types of mac and cheese the break down is as goes

All American= 3, classic was not what i expected.
Napoletana= 4
Parisienne= 3, Strong herb flavor too much to handle
La mancha= 4.5, very hearty with meat.
Alpine= 3, tastes like pizza, was okay.
Cajun= 3, Strong herbs but better than most 3 stars
Four cheese= 4, Was great.
Cheeseburger= 4, was nice as well.

I had to try the masala one. Me and mithya ordered it just to see how it was and i wasn't disappointed, it was like striking oil. BAM

Masala= 4.75 it was perfect, it beat out the La macha which surprised me. So the pic above is of the masala mac and cheese.

Thank you


Pork Chop

Pork Chop

Pork Chop

- Pork Loin, Heirloom Beans, Bacon and Broccoli Rabe

Those of you who read my food notes in the past may, and hopefully will recognize the phrase I used a few times before: sometimes there is no more "up"... I apologize for running out of words, but when you have a taste of THIS Pork Chop - so will you.

What can I say? Powerhouse. Amazing. Breathtaking. Fill your own blank... Absolutely phenomenal plate: quality of the ingredients, thought, creativity, heritage, execution - everything was there. Bone-in pork chop was brined, then cooked to absolute perfection - enough said. Beans and greens ragout was unified by flavor-rich pork jus, and spotted house-cured bacon. I can only imagine how much talent and time went into this hearty plate.... Awwwww.....

cook your own food restaurant nyc

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